Wooden Cross Carving Project

Kenneth began this project by joining two boards together. Once the glue was dried he then sketched the image onto the boards. When he finished transferring the design he cut out the arms using his Ridgid Band saw. Kenneth then joined two longer boards together and glued the arms in place. 

Here is a shot of Kenneth studying the structure of his hand as he continues roughing out the basic shape of the wood carving.

Kenneth uses Two Cherries German wood carving tools, he says that they are the best quality hand tools he has ever carved with.

Here you can see that the horizontal beam has been joined to the vertical beam. Kenneth's father was visiting him on the day they were combined and he helped in the process.

Kenneth achieved the skin texture by sanding with 60-100 grit paper and by scrubbing the surface with a steel wire brush. By scrubbing the the wood carving with the steel brush he smoothed out rough spots and added more wrinkles. 

Here Kenneth began the staining process by applying a generous amount of wood stain with a sponge and let it soak over night.

The day after Kenneth applied the stain he began highlighting the carving. The stain is still damp, but this is worked to an advantage. The artist uses a skewed chisel to scrape off areas of stain and then blends the areas with a steel brush. This effect gives the carving a painting like appearance.

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